• Chloe Pearse
    Chloe Pearse Research & Higher Education Program Manager

    Chloe is responsible for the AMSI Research and Higher Education portfolio. Prior to joining AMSI, Chloe worked on international and domestic marketing and recruitment strategies to attract undergraduate and postgraduate students to the University of Melbourne. Chloe also has experience in policy and advocacy relating to equity in higher education and public health reform in the state of Victoria.

    E: chloe.pearse@amsi.org.au

    P: 03 9035 8037

  • Angela Coughlin
    Angela Coughlin Research & Higher Education Project Coordinator

    Angela is responsible for the successful planning and delivery of projects and events that form the national AMSI Research and Higher Education Program. She has held positions in the government, not-for-profit and hospitality industries. Prior to joining AMSI, Angela coordinated the annual national program of events for a medical membership-based organisation including event marketing and promotion, and sponsorship management.

    E:  angela.coughlin@amsi.org.au

    P:  03 8344 2103

  • Anna Muscara
    Anna Muscara Research & Higher Education Project Coordinator

    Anna is responsible for the successful planning and delivery of projects and events that form the national AMSI Research and Higher Education Program. She has previously worked in a range of different industries such as the arts, philanthropy and travel, and worked on a number of prestigious events including Live Performance Australia’s Annual Helpmann Awards®, and TEDx St Kilda. Anna’s work experience spans marketing, sponsorship and events.

    E: anna.muscara@amsi.org.au

    P: 03 8344 0084

  • Francesca Hoban Ryan
    Francesca Hoban Ryan Research & Higher Education Administrative Assistant

    Francesca is responsible for providing administrative and project support to the Research and Higher Education team.

    Before joining AMSI in 2017, she worked as a library assistant and research assistant while completing her studies at The University of Melbourne.

    E:  francesca.hobanryan@amsi.org.au

    P: 03 8344 1780

  • Liam Williamson
    Liam Williamson Administrative Assistant

    Liam has been with AMSI since the beginning of 2014. His main responsibility is providing administrative support to the AMSI sponsored events run throughout the year. As well as updating content on the Research and Higher Education websites. Liam completed his BSc in Bioengineering Systems in 2014 and an Honours year in Biomechanics in 2015. He is currently completing a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne.

    E: liam@amsi.org.au


  • Maaike Wienk
    Maaike Wienk Program and Finance Officer - ACE Network

    In her role as Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE) Coordinator, Maaike coordinates AMSI’s ACE activities, which include the National Seminar Series, Honours Courses, Short Courses and advertising of seminars delivered by AMSI’s member universities. Maaike also analyses data collected from the annual survey of the AMSI membership, with results published in the Discipline Profile of the Mathematical Sciences.

    E: ace@amsi.org.au
    P: +61 3 8344 1792
    F: +61 3 8344 6324

  • Mari Ericksen
    Mari Ericksen Marketing and Communications Manager

    Mari is responsible for developing the marketing and communications strategies and communication plans for AMSI and its programs, including branding and e‑communications, positioning, networking and outreach activities. Before joining AMSI, Mari held senior marketing positions at the UK Financial Times (UK) and the Victorian National Parks Association. Mari graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality from La Trobe University.

    E: mari@amsi.org.au
    P: +61 3 9035 9669
    F: +61 3 8344 6324