AMSI BioInfoSummer Participant Profile – Nikeisha Caruana

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AMSI BioInfoSummer Participant Profile – Nikeisha Caruana

Seizing the opportunity to learn from influential bioinformaticians at AMSI BioInfoSummer 2019

Nikeisha Caruana

Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute
The University of Melbourne

Employing proteomic and transcriptomic techniques focusing on changes within the mitochondrial proteome, Dr Nikeisha Caruana has made significant progress in dataset integration enabling detailed analyses with an interdisciplinary basis. In only five months since completing her PhD at La Trobe University, Nikeisha is already respected by peers as a skilled bioinformatician formulating experiments based on sound statistical principles.

Currently working in the Stroud Group at Bio21, Nikeisha is responsible for driving computational proteomics and bioinformatics focusing on systems biology approaches including gene-editing and quantitative proteomics in understanding the assembly of multi-subunit membrane protein complexes.

Having rapidly achieved publication in two impactful research global journals for proteomics, Nikeisha’s AMSI Choose Maths travel grant enabled her to enhance an understanding of bioinformatics and an already impressive ability to statistically analyse experimental data. This award encapsulates the multi-disciplinary nature of AMSI, in this instance recognising the importance of data set analysis in biochemistry and molecular biology.

This is not Nikeisha’s first successful travel grant application; on two previous occasions she has been awarded one of only ten EMBL Australia travel grants enabling her to visit that multinational laboratory’s main campus in Heidelberg, Germany.

Attendance at BioInfoSummer 2019 enabled Nikeisha to reinforce her understanding of bioinformatics and interact with influential researchers and mathematicians.

“The ability to have a varied group of biologists, engineers and statisticians within one area allows for fantastic collaboration and the development of ideas. I met contacts that I hope to count not only as collaborators but also friends in the coming years,” Nikeisha explained.

Her ambition to explore single cell ‘omics and epigenetic analysis is likely to be realised as the result of this invaluable AMSI-facilitated experience and Choose Maths travel grant.

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