Mathematical sciences departments of each AMSI member institution receives an annual travel allocation. These funds are held by AMSI and cover reimbursements to member institutions for authorised receipted travel expenses of their early-career researchers (without other support) and higher-degree research students to attend AMSI workshops, meetings and courses.
Travel Funding

This form will take 10 mins to complete

Don’t forget you will need a email/letter from your Head of Mathematics or Statistics, which details the following

  • Name of the person applying for funding
  • Confirm their status as a student or early career researchers (< 6 years post PhD)
  • The event to be attended & a breakdown of the costs requested.

NOTE: It is the applicants’ responsibility to check their university guidelines before booking travel


1. The AMSI Travel Fund provides full or partial support for early-career researchers (without other support) and higher-degree research students living in Australia and studying at/employed by an AMSI Member Department to participate in AMSI Sponsored Events.

2. Applicants must at the time of the event satisfy one of the following:
(a) be enrolled in a mathematical sciences higher-degree research program at an AMSI Member University
(b) be an early-career researcher employed at an AMSI Member University without other travel or accommodation funds

3. Funding is available for:
(a) Travel expenses
(b) Accommodation expenses

4. Funding is NOT available for:
(a) Registration costs
(b) Meal allowances
(c) Per diems

Applications and award of funding
4. Applications may be submitted during the event registration open period and will be considered within 10 working days of application. The application acceptance will detail the total Australian dollar amount approved by AMSI. This email will be sent to the attendee and the Head of Mathematical sciences.

5. Applications should consist of the completed online application form including a budget listing expenses requested and a letter of support from your head of mathematical sciences or AMSI Member Representative clearly stating that they support your application.

6. The letter of support should include:
• Name of the person applying for funding
• Confirm their status as a student or early career researchers (< 6 years post-PhD)
• The event to be attended & a breakdown of the costs requested

Conditions of funding
7. In applying for funding applicants agree that their name and affiliation can be published on the AMSI website and in other AMSI reports and promotional material.

Payment of the funding
9. AMSI Travel Funding is paid after the event

10. For reimbursement, the attendee submits tax invoices and relevant receipts for the agreed items to their home university to arrange reimbursement. The university produces an invoice to claim the reimbursement from AMSI. Please note that the invoice to AMSI cannot be approved without substantiation.

11. The invoice to AMSI should include the following details:
• Name of the person who travelled to the event
• Date and full name of the event
• Receipts/tax invoices to substantiate travel and/or accommodation expenses

12. Please email your invoice to

Invoices should be addressed as follows:

ATTN: Francesca Hoban Ryan
Australian Mathematical Science Institute
Building 161, Monash Road
The University of Melbourne
Parkville VIC 3010

13. AMSI must receive an invoice for the agreed amount within 120 days of the date of the event, with attached copies of the tax invoices.


The suggested wording to include on your event website is as follows

This event is sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI). AMSI allocates a travel allowance annually to each of its member universities (for list of members, see

Students or early career researchers from AMSI member universities without access to a suitable research grant or other source of funding may apply (with approval of the Head of Mathematical Sciences) for subsidy of travel and accommodation out of the departmental travel allowance.

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