This nation-wide seminar series delivers talks and discussion forums about anything related to the academic teaching of mathematics and statistics at universities. Its goal is to connect university teaching staff at mathematical sciences departments (and related areas) with a wider network of people enthusiastic about best practice in university education in mathematics and statistics. This series started in March 2017, and is the result of an initiative of the AustMS Standing Committee on Mathematics Education, which identified a need for an online seminar series for university mathematics teaching.

The organisers (Amie Albrecht and Barbara Maenhaut) would like to join forces with already-established seminar series, colloquia, and discussion groups at individual universities where possible. If you are keen to share with the maths community, or if you have ideas for future topics and speakers, then please get in touch. You can also individually volunteer a talk (30-50 minutes duration); please contact the organisers.

The seminar series  will be delivered via the Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE), which is the videoconferencing platform used by the mathematics community. For more information about ACE visit here.

However, access to a videoconferencing room is not necessary to participate! Here is how to participate in the seminars listed below:

  1. IF available, you can book your local ACE room;
  2. If your university does not have an ACE room or if the room is unavailable, contact AMSI for a Visimeet software guest licence which will allow you to connect to the event from your desktop or laptop computer.
  3. Send an email to the contact person listed in the seminar info to notify them you will be participating.

Upcoming Teaching Seminar Series Events

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Past seminars and events