AMSI, in partnership with the national mathematical organisations AustMS, ANZIAM, SSAI, ANZAMP and ASOR, has initiated a nation-wide seminar series over the Access Grid Network.

The seminar series features eminent experts in their field from Australia and overseas. It offers a range of accessible and very high quality seminars for the broader mathematical community in Australia.

If you want to participate in any of these seminars you need access to Access Grid facilities. To join in, please ensure that your nearest AGR is booked, and contact with a cc to the host AGR contact to notify your participation.

Upcoming National Seminar Series Events

  • No current events

Access Grid Presentation Guidelines (for lectures and seminars)

The Guidelines are provided here to facilitate the optimization of the quality and reliability of the AG collaborative experience. It is generally desirable to observe the Presentation Protocols, but it is a requirement for participation in several special AG events such as the National Seminar Series and Clay-Mahler Lectures.

AustMSPure MathematicsVacancyAustMS
ANZIAMApplied MathematicsMatthew
ANZAMPMathematical Physics Jonathan
ASOROptimizationPaul GaertnerASOR

If you would like to propose a seminar speaker for this series, please contact one of the seminar conveners.
For up-to-date-information, please contact Maaike Wienk,