Unidoodle is a classroom response app which allows students to quickly submit sketch-style answers via their iOS or Android device to questions asked by their teacher in class. Audience response systems traditionally allow students to only answer multiple-choice questions. Students either phone a number to submit their answer or click a button on a clicker. While Unidoodle does have the multiple-choice option, the key difference is that students can submit answers in a range of formats. In this talk I will discuss how Unidoodle has been used in two large first-year mathematics courses at The University of Queensland, providing rich, immediate information on students’ mathematical understanding.  Please download the app onto your device beforehand from http://www.unidoodle.com/.

This seminar is broadcast via the AMSI ACE Network which means it is delivered as a videoconference, using Visimeet. To participate in this seminar:

  1. Book your local ACE facilities, if available (see here for a list of Mathematical Sciences departments with ACE facilities), OR
  2. If you don’t have ACE facilities available locally, contact Maaike Wienk at ace@amsi.org.au for a guest Visimeet licence which allows you to access the seminar from your desktop or laptop.

Important: Please contact Michael Jennings at UQ to notify him you will be attending the seminar.



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