Electrical impedance tomography is an emerging budget-priced, non-invasive medical imaging technique that is very likely to complement computerised tomography in important applications such as pulmonary function control and breast cancer screening in the future. The main difficulty associated with this technology is that the arising inverse problem is strongly ill-posed.

In this talk, I will discuss an alternative approach to domain reconstruction from electrical impedance tomography data, which is based on the concept of the convex source support introduced by Kusiak and Sylvester, as well as an appropriate numerical discretisation of the resulting problem.

About the speaker: Janosch Rieger received his PhD in 2009 from Bielefeld University and his habilitation from Goethe University Frankfurt in 2014. His primary research interest is the interplay between numerical analysis, control theory and set-valued analysis with a focus on efficient algorithms for the computation of reachable sets and viability kernels.

How to participate in this seminar:

1. Book your nearest ACE facility;

2. Notify Vera Roshchina at RMIT (rmitopt@rmit.edu.au) to notify you will be participating.

No access to an ACE facility? Contact Maaike Wienk to arrange a temporary Visimeet licence for remote access (limited number of licences available – first come first serve)

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