David Hilbert conjectured that there do exist genuine continuous multivariate real-valued functions. He was wrong!

Intended Audience: A general mathematics audience.

About the speaker:

Sid Morris retired after 40 years as an academic. He received BSc (Hons) from UQ in 1969 and PhD from Flinders in 1970. He held positions of Professor, Department Head, Dean, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, CAO and CEO. He was employed by 9 Australian universities and universities in USA, UK, and Israel. He was Editor of the Bulletin of the AustMS and Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology, and Founding Editor of the AustMS Lecture Series of books published by Cambridge University Press and of the Journal of Group Theory. He has published 160 journal papers and 4 books for undergrads, postgrads and researchers, plus an online book, translated into 8 languages and supplemented by YouTube videos and a Facebook group of 5,000+ members. In 2016 he edited the book “Topological Groups: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, was ordained as a Rabbi, and became a grandfather.  In 2017 he started preparing the 4th edition of his 900+ page book “The Structure of Compact Groups” with Karl Heinrich Hofmann, and welcomed his second grandchild.

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