The Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE) at AMSI member universities enables maths departments to collaborate through advanced video conferencing and desktop sharing facilities. It has been established to facilitate greater collaboration between the mathematical sciences community both within Australia and internationally. ACE has replaced the AMSI Access Grid Network in February 2015 by switching to a new software platform called Visimeet. For more information about access to the ACE network and Visimeet software please check out the page below.

These universities are currently part of the Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE):
  • AMSI
  • Federation University
  • Flinders University
  • La Trobe University
  • Macquarie University
  • Monash University
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • RMIT University
  • The University of Newcastle
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland
  • The University of Southern Queensland
  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Technology, Sydney
  • The University of Wollongong
Advanced Collaborative Environment facilites are used by AMSI member institutions in a variety of ways:
  • Events and seminars – broadcasting seminars, lectures and workshops
  • Subjects & Courses – providing additional honours and masters subjects, as well as short courses
  • Collaborative research with peers within Australia and internationally
  • Undergraduate mathematics teaching
  • Professional development for mathematics teachers
  • Meetings

How to participate in ACE events

Joining a session

To join a seminar or course in the Advanced Collaborative Environment, you need to have access to a facility which runs Visimeet software.

To participate in an ACE session please take the following steps
1.    Find out if your institution is part of the Advanced Collaborative Environment
2.    Book the ACE facility according to the local booking procedure at your university
3.    Notify the contact person(s) named in the event or course announcement that you will be participating (this will usually be the seminar convener, lecturer, and/or other contact person, as indicated)

Please note: If your university currently does not have a Visimeet licence there are a limited number of temporary licences available for use on an event-by-event basis. These licences enable participation in ACE events via desktop, laptop or a mobile device. Contact to arrange a licence and receive download instructions.


The AMSI ACE Room is located in Building 161, room 134 at the Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne.
Participation in Advanced Collaborative Environment events organised by AMSI is free.

These include events such as

• AMSI ACE National Seminars
• AMSI ACE Short Courses
• and any other event where specifically indicated.

Facilities available:

  • Visimeet software
  • Multiple data projectors
  • Lectern computer and laptop connection
  • Ceiling and wireless microphones
  • Seating for 40 people
  • Technical support

Please note this room is located on the first floor and is accessible via staircase only (there is no elevator). Toilets are available in the Alice Hoy building next door.

Further Information, Policies & Guidelines

The Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE) has been operational from the start of first semester, 2015. Its predecessor, the AMSI Access Grid Room (AGR) network stopped operating in October 2014, when the Australian server support for the running of sessions using Access Grid software was taken offline. On 20 October 2014 AMSI adopted the policy that all universities wishing to continue participating in videoconferencing and desktop sharing collaboration switch to a new software platform called Visimeet.

About Visimeet software

The AMSI proposal for the switch to Visimeet can be found here, a comparison between Visimeet and Access Grid can be found here and between Visimeet and other videoconferencing products here. IOCOM Visimeet software is available locally through Azprin. For technical questions on Visimeet, including how to obtain a trial licence, please contact George Travan at For general information on the change-over or an up-to-date quote contact

The organisation of the ACE National Seminar series and other national events

These guidelines provide guidance on the organisation of seminars in the National Seminar Series as well as other national ACE events with a large number of participants.

Guidelines for speakers

These guidelines contain useful tips for successful lecturing or delivering a seminar in an videoconferencing setting.

ACE Teaching Policies (Honours and Masters)

This document contains the policies and procedures currently in place for the delivery of Honours and Masters subjects in the Advanced Collaborative Environment by the AMSI Member Institutions. For the posting of subject information on the AMSI Honours and Masters subjects webpage, please use this Subject Information Guide.

Contact for all your ACE-related queries